Sorry lads, this is one for the girls...

We think that when making sustainable changes you should start with the essentials, the products you pick up on the regular. And what’s more regular than the monthly fun of a period?! Every time of the month, us women get through an average of 22 disposable sanitary products. It’s estimated that women have an average of 451 periods in their lifetime, meaning the amount of disposable period products over a lifetime could add up to 9,922 period products, None of which will have disposed within your lifetime, or your daughters, or your granddaughters... in fact disposable tampons and pads can take up to 500 years to decompose.


Period products are definitely not a one size fits all situation, no woman’s flow is the same and different products will suit your flow and lifestyle. So we have included a variety of options and we are sure something would work for you and your flow. 




The Mooncup has taken the world by storm. This sustainable menstrual cup is an interesting alternative to disposable pads and tampons. It is essentially a little cup that you insert into your cervix to collect the blood. After 4-8 hours (depending on your flow) simply empty the cup into a toilet or sink and wash it out, then insert it again. We know that change can be a little daunting! We are naturally creatures of habit, however thousands of women recommend love and praise the Mooncup, saying that it only takes 3 periods to get properly used to using it.

(A common misconception of making sustainable swaps is a significant price rise, however the moon cup proves that this is certainly not the case. Yes, the initial purchase price is higher, but within roughly 3 months the moon cup will equal the same price as disposable period products! Bear in mind that the moon cup is designed to last years, and you have yourself some SERIOUS savings)



This is a genius idea. A reusable tampon applicator. Think of how unnecessary all those tampon applicators are that end up in sanitary bins. Instead you can use this reusable applicator and save on hundreds of pieces of plastic. The little applicator made from Mediprene easily and comfortably inserts a tampon.(If you aren't ready to invest in a reusable applicator, you could always just make the simple switch to non-applicator tampons)



If you would prefer to stay in your comfort zone with tampons, you could make the very simple switch to sustainable tampons. These are tampons made of organic cotton that will decompose within 5 years, as opposed to 500+ years. There are lots of companies now offering biodegradable tampons but we would recommend OHNE. Not only can you order organic tampons with free delivery and 0% VAT, they also offer a customisable tampon box which you can get delivered every month. Meaning you can pick a selection of different absorbencies to suit you. If you need a full box of supers that's possible, or if you only need supers for the first day that's okay too and you’ll never get caught short!



Prefer using pads instead? Did you know that a disposable sanitary pad can have up to 5 plastic bags worth of plastic, this means they aren’t going anywhere quickly. You could use biodegradable pads or you could invest in a pair of period pants. I know some people will have their doubts but Modibodi pants are breathable, stylish and can hold 2 tampons worth of blood. Don’t worry they’re very hygienic, they are made from antimicrobial fabrics and absorb any liquid so you won’t be feeling uncomfortable.

LITTLE DISCLAIMER - We are very aware of period poverty. We are only suggesting considering different period products if you have the means.