Statistics show that us women are the early adopters, the drivers of change and the ones more likely to make an impact sustainability wise. It’s a no brainer then, that companies such as OHNE have sprung up to help us have a more sustainable period.

When you think about the fact that the equivalent amount of plastic in 1 sanitary pad amounts to about 4 plastic bags it’s hard to ignore the very positive impact that having a sustainable period can have on our planet.

OHNE specialise in plastic free and 100% organic tampons and send them to you on a monthly subscription service in time for when you’re ‘ohne.’

We have an interview with founders Nikki and Leah on our interview series, and a humorous blog post all about sustainable period woes.

Why we love them: Their mail bag is made from compostable plastic, and the applicator tampon packaging is made form card and fully recyclable.



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