Club Cultured

Have you tried Tempeh? It’s made from soy beans, but unlike tofu the soy beans are left whole and fermented before being formed into a block. Sounds a little odd…but actually it’s much more nutritious than tofu as the nutrients are more bioavailable and, having been fermented, it’s good for our gut health too!

Club Cultured are a super new and exciting start up making organic tempeh in the traditional Balinese style. They are currently taking London’s street food scene by storm and dishing up their tempeh burgers and tempeh balls at Vegan Nights and other markets.

Why we love them: you buy the tempeh in bulk, with minimal plastic (the wrap is biodegradable) and if you want to try some you’ll have to DM them on instagram to see where they’re popping up next!


Club Cultured

Grace Bayley