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We are Stay Wild Swim, the UK’s first premium swimwear line made from regenerated ocean plastic. Designed to flatter every woman, our pieces have a purpose by quite literally turning threat into thread.

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The Problem. Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, that is a truck load a minute. On average 46,000 pieces of plastic are present in every square mile of ocean and it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. This plastic overload damages natural habitats and threatens marine life. Over 90% of seabirds have marine plastic in their stomachs and 1 in 3 marine mammal species have been found entangled in marine litter including turtles, dolphins and sharks. Plastic is now ending up in every level of our ocean food chain and even ending up on our plates.

Our Solution. At Stay Wild Swim we are dedicated to fighting this issue through regenerating marine plastic into beautiful swimwear.  Our fabric is made from regenerated ocean plastic and our embroidery is made from recycled water bottles. We are quite literally turning threat into thread. We are also going one step further and partnering with Guppy Friend to fight micro-plastics using eco-friendly washbags. We are also working with a small selection of UK based ocean charities and will be supporting important initiatives such as beach cleans and education programs.

One Step Further. We will be using our platform to celebrate sustainability. We will champion brands and businesses who are taking positive steps to support the planet. We want to enable you to make the best choices you can; without compromising style or substance. 

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We, the co-founders Natalie Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk, are extremely passionate about protecting our oceans. We want to create a brand which not only fights the plastic problem, but actively contributes to the solution. We want to celebrate sustainability and support those leading the way in the conscious consumption movement; and we don't want to compromise style or quality as we do so.

Our whole production process is focused on small, local and sustainable businesses. From our factory to our labels all the way through to our packaging; at every stage we have looked to support local start-ups and sustainability leaders.

Our pieces are made in the heart of London at a factory which trains people from disadvantaged backgrounds in stitching and pattern cutting to give them skills to help secure employment. Our tags are hand printed in the UK and we're using UK designed recycled packaging which is distributed using carbon neutral shipping. Every little element matters to us, as we hope it matters to you.

As a new and evolving company we are always learning and growing. We welcome any feedback or suggestions about how we can improve, become even more sustainable and cater to every woman.

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