5 Meat Free Alternatives To Try This Veganuary

Stop eating meat sign

It’s that time of year again, when the world goes into a health kick and people are choosing to cook and eat more ethically and sustainably. 

By now you’ve most likely stumbled across a fair few Veganuary offers at your local restaurants, but for the nights that you’re cooking in, we’ve created a small list of some of our favourite meat alternatives.

Beyond Burger

They deliver the meaty experience you crave without the compromise. And not only that, but their products offer greater or equal protein levels than their animal counterparts, with no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones. Our personal favourite from the brand is their Beyond Burgers which are taking the vegan burger scene by storm. They look, act and taste almost identical to a regular beef burger, perfect for those who are new to veganism and still crave that meaty taste.

This Isn’t Chicken

Created by two ex-burger chain founders, the brand has created meat substitutes that are fortified with iron & B12 and packs more protein than: lentils, tofu, seitan, tempeh and most actual cuts of meat. We personally love their This Isn’t Chicken Pieces but they’ve expanded their range quite a bit over the past year. And this Veganuary they’re stepping up the game and offering their customers their money back if you don’t think it’s meaty enough

Linda McCartney Shredded Hoisin Duck

An OG to the veggie/vegan game and their product range has been expanding ever since, taking over the shelves in most supermarkets. One product that really hits the spot for us is the Hoisin Duck meal kit. A meal kit of seasoned, shredded vegetarian hoisin duck made with rehydrated textured soya and wheat protein with a sachet of hoisin sauce and 10 Chinese-style pancakes. 

The Tofoo Co

Tofu is the cult classic for many vegans, but Tofoo have changed the game and crafted their organic Tofoo using a traditional Japanese recipe. And to give their Tofoo a better taste and texture, they use a little thing called nigari - an all-natural ingredient created from seawater. While it doesn’t taste like meat, and does not try to, it does taste great and available to purchase with a variety of flavourings.

Vivera Plant Shawarma Kebab

Another favourite on the vegan aisle is Vivera. They’re a Dutch company and create a whole range of meat alternatives, our product of choice being the Vivera Plant Shawarma Kebab. Seasoned to perfection, this meat alternative will have you craving kebabs all day long, not just after a night out to the pub. It’s a favourite amongst us and a lot of people apparently as their Plant Shawarma Kebab was voted favourite at the Food Awards in 2020.

Vegan burger


Are you vegan or trying out Veganuary this year? Let us know if you agree with our selection above.