5 Ways to Reuse Your Old Coffee Grounds

In a world on the go, one thing that a lot of us rely on to keep us going is coffee. From helping you wake up in the morning to being the perfect drink for catching up with friends and family. 

Coffee is part of our daily routines. And thanks to this past year of lockdowns, many of us are now making our coffee at home. But there are a few creative ways to give your coffee that extra lease of life…

Coffee grounds in a jar


So here are 5 of our favourite ways to make your coffee more sustainable and repurpose your used grounds:

Coffee Scrub

There are a number of beauty benefits from coffee grounds thanks to its antioxidant properties. One of them being a simple, yet effective, at-home body scrub. Just add a tablespoon of brown sugar and a tablespoon of a natural oil to your grounds to create an inexpensive exfoliant.


Not only do coffee grounds help fertilise your plants, but they also do a great job in repelling garden pests, such as ants, slugs and snails. And if you want to invite worms into your garden, just work the grounds in a little deeper into the soil.

Boost Compost

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to repurpose your coffee grounds is by adding them to the compost. The coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen which helps organic materials break down into nutrient-rich compost.

Deodorise your Fridge, 

Coffee grounds are extremely absorbent, which is why you should never leave fresh coffee grounds unsealed. But once you have used your grounds, you can place them in a jar, uncovered, and put them at the back of the fridge and they will neutralise any food odours there might be.

Wash your Hair

The coffee grounds are great for stripping your hair of product build-up, so the next time you’re in the shower, try massaging a handful of grounds into your hair before shampooing. And as a side benefit, some studies have even shown that the caffeine in the grounds can even stimulate hair growth.


Why not give one of these ideas a go when you next make a coffee, and give your grounds that extra bit of life.