Becoming A Certified B Corp

We set up Stay Wild with the purpose to create beautiful swimwear that puts people and the planet front of mind in everything we do. Which is why we are so proud to announce that Stay Wild is now a certified B-Corp. 


Our whole business has been measured and evaluated for our social and environmental impact. After in-depth analysis by a team of experts, we have been certified to have met the highest standards of sustainability, ethics and transparency.

In a world where greenwashing is becoming more common and the word ‘sustainable’ is being thrown about in all of the wrong places, you - the customer, can look at this certification as a means of knowing that the brand you are buying from has been verified to leave a positive impact on the community, society and the environment.


The process itself took a while as it involved a rigorous analysis, where our company’s performance was assessed on a points system and measured against five key categories: governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment, with 80 points needed to pass. An exam is also required, which includes a large variety of questions, but this can vary depending on an individual company’s size and sector.

View our B Corp profile and more info here

Gaining a B Corp certification is not a one-time thing either. To maintain the certification, certified B Corps must update their impact assessment and verify their updated score every three years.


Check out the FAQ page on the B Corp website to find out more about the certification and what it involved