Here at Stay Wild we are all about supporting what’s good. Whether that be as simple as adding incredible eco brands to our directory so that you guys can easily access and learn about companies doing good things for our planet, or by donating to Charities that support our oceans and our ecosystems, every action is valuable and significant.

Of course there’s more that all of us can do when it comes to saving our precious planet, but today we want to highlight some of the amazing charities and organisations out there that you can support.



We donate monthly to SAS as their cause is incredibly close to our hearts. We started Stay Wild Swim because of our passion for the ocean and we want to do as much as we can to protect it from plastic pollution. SAS have a number of initiatives that help protect our oceans.

  1. BEACH CLEANS: They help over 30,000 dedicated people each year to organise beach cleans and protect the environment they love. The 2018 Big Spring Clean removed 63 TONNES of marine plastic pollution and litter from 575 beaches across the UK.

  2. EDUCATION: SAS currently run two education programmes that help educate us all on matters of crucial environmental importance. The first is a schools project called “Plastic Free Schools,” which is a pupil lead programme designed to make a real, positive impact in schools all across the UK and beyond. The second is called “Ocean Schools” and is an immersive and hands-on outdoor education programme which takes place by the ocean and on beaches.

  3. CAMPAIGNING: SAS are constantly petitioning government and industry to do more to tackle the problem of single use plastic. After 30,000 people got involved SAS managed to get Walkers Crisps to start the UK’s first recycling scheme for crisp packets.



If you haven’t read out blog yet on the incredible charity, Plant Life, then get on it. Plant Life is a British conservation charity working to preserve our wild flowers, flora and fauna nationwide. These days, due to over farming and monopolisation of our wild vegetation areas much of our flowers, plants and fungi are threatened. We are working alongside Plant Life to help draw attention to their cause and promote their message as much as possible whilst helping to offset some of our carbon footprint. (We already offer carbon neutral shipping and are working hard to build on this).



Incredible Oceans are a company aiming to educate us all more on sustainability issues surrounding the ocean through the creative arts, events, workshops and more. Their aim is to use the combined power of culture, science and charismatic marine life to grab hearts and minds and bring about a sea change in the way we relate to our oceans.

They are a partnership organisation working with volunteers in all areas: scientists, creatives, community organisations, campaigners, companies and broadcast media. they host events with the goal to educate us all on the problems our ocean’s face and showcase solutions to help us all become more ocean literate.



As well as our passionate support of and drive to help protect our oceans we also love to champion women in business. Stay Wild was founded by two passionate women and a lot of the work we do involves supporting other women and empowering them to make an environmental impact. Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) is a UK charity that works on issues linking the environment, health and women.

Their mission is to make the connections between women's health and well-being and environmental issues. The aim is to inspire women to make environmentally informed choices - we have a blog post about how women are the early adopters of change and how to build a sustainability sisterhood.

WEN aims to empower women to become agents of change in their families, networks and society, and to participate equally in an environmentally sustainable future.


And if you’re keen to help remove plastic waste form our oceans, shop the Stay Wild Swim collections via the button below.