Our lives are busy right? In fact they are busier than ever and we can hardly find time to even call mum back, let alone think about how we can weave in helping the planet on a daily basis. But you can, and it’s simpler than you think. 

 Sustainable food on the go

The convenience food market is rapidly growing year on year, but unfortunately this is having an extremely detrimental impact on our planet and well, we need to change things up a little. Hear us out. The majority of on-the-go foods will be wrapped in single-use plastic or non-recyclable wrapping. Slowly over time, these will turn into microplastics, which in turn will end up in our oceans and affect our wildlife. So, you grab a sandwich or shove your fave chocolate croissant in a handy plastic bag and that packaging served its purpose for all of five minutes. We can change for the better and we can do it together!


Here’s our 5 simple changes you can try out and before you know it they will become daily habits you don’t even need to think about, so you can live a sustainable, greener life - giving the planet a bit of love in the process.

  1. Ditch The Cling Film

We all know how easy and convenient cling film is to keep our leftovers safe and sound in the fridge, but why not opt for something that you can reuse again and again. Beeswax wraps provide a fantastic alternative, just wash and reuse. What’s more, they are biodegradable!  

2. Eat The Seasons

This really is one of the best ways you can help the environment and save money in the process. Having a little knowledge of which foods are in season when, will go a long way. Not only are seasonal veggies even more delicious and abundant, you are also putting less pressure on resources importing exotic food items from around the world. Win win really.

3. Get Those Veggies In

Add variety and colour on your plate and in turn you will optimise your health and the health of the planet all in one. Try making at least one of your meals a day veggie fuelled, but of course, the more the better.

4. Remember That Tupperware

It can be a struggle to always have a Tupperware box to hand or even find space in your bag for it each morning, but it will do a world of good if you can make it into a daily habit. Whether you use it to house your pre prepared foods or use it on the go for a takeaway lunch – this can make a huge impact on the planet and begin your fight against single use plastics.

5. Spread The Word

By starting a conversation about your new-found tips and sharing advice with friends and family, they are bound to be inspired by your new daily habits. Share this article with them and spread the word – hopefully they will give it a go themselves!

Will you be trying any of these out anytime soon? Let us know if you do.

Sustainable food on the go

This post was contributed by Stay Wild family member Emilie Essen

Emilie is a London based freelance food and lifestyle writer who regularly contributes to such titles as Cosmopolitan UK, Delish UK and Good Housekeeping Magazine. She has a penchant for sticky cinnamon buns and wild swimming makes her intensely happy.

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