Sustainable travel isn’t all about where you go or how you get there. Let’s get into some quick tips that will help you pack like a good human. 


Tip #1: Save money and the planet - go second-hand. 

If you need some new holiday bits, consider bagging second-hand bargains from charity shops, Depop, or somewhere like Vestiare Collective if you’re feeling fancy. 


Tip #2: Rummage, re-style and re-use old clothes. 

By pairing your old uni-throwback leather skirt with that newish top, you have permission to feel super smug. If you’re feeling brave, you could even have a go at chopping, sewing, and customising. Step aside Gok Wan - there’s a new stylist in town. 


Tip #3: Take your own toiletries and use sea-friendly sunscreen. 

It’s so worth investing in a decent set of travel-friendly bottles for your shampoos and creams. You’ll save money, hassle, and plastic waste too. 

While on the subject of toiletries, if you’re purchasing sunscreen - make sure it’s ocean friendly. Brands such as Green People and Aethic are both highly recommended. After all, nobody wants an unethical tan, amirite? 


Tip #4: Don’t forget your re-usables. 

Throwaway culture is all around us - even on holiday. That’s why it’s best to pack items such as your reusable straw, a tote bag/beach bag, a reusable water bottle, a small food box, your mooncup... and the list goes on. You know the drill! 


Tip #5: Step away from the hemp handbag. 

You don’t need to embrace your inner-hippy to help the planet become a healthier place. If you can, shop with sustainable brands such as Dick Moby for Sunglasses, Matt&Nat for vegan travel bags, and of course - Stay Wild Swim for swimwear. 




This article was contributed by Helen (@ringmybellsell), a Freelance Writer originally from the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Having grown up surrounded by nature, she’s keen to help make our oceans and our environment healthier, and our animals (particularly dogs) happier.