Plant Life

It’s time to introduce you to another incredible company working tirelessly to preserve and protect our fragile planet. As you know, at Stay Wild we aim to partner with brands and businesses that have the same ethos as us, or who we can work synergistically with to positively impact the environment.

Plant Life is a British conservation charity working to preserve our wild flowers, flora and fauna nationwide. These days, due to over farming and monopolisation of our wild vegetation areas much of our flowers, plants and fungi are threatened.

They own nearly 4,500 acre of land across England, Scotland and Wales which houses 80% of the UK’s wildflowers. The are lucky enough to have HRH The Prince of Wales as their patron but still need the support of as many of us as possible to help protect our wildlife.

We are working alongside Plant Life to help draw attention to their cause and promote their message as much as possible whilst helping to offset some of our carbon footprint. (We already offer carbon neutral shipping and are working hard to build on this).

Currently, Plant Life are running a campaign called #NoMowMay, which encourages you (as it sounds) to avoid mowing your lawn for the month of May. Then, on the end of May bank holiday they want you to count the flowers on your lawn (they have a method for this, check the website), and they can then tell you how many bees your lawn could support.

If you are a Londoner reading this you might this it’s not relevant, but you can still help the cause by planting some wildflowers on your windowsills which will encourage the bees to come an pollinate them.



The bees are in trouble and their population numbers have been declining across the world. This decline is caused by a combination of stresses - from loss of their habitat and food sources to exposure to pesticides and the effects of climate change.

We need bees! They are responsible for pollinating our food sources, and without them we would not have stable, healthy food supplies. They are key to the varied, colourful and nutritious diets that expect and that we know we should be eating, not only for our own health but the health of our planet too.

Another initiative that they are pursuing at the moment is to try and encourage local councils to only mow roadside verges twice a year, to allow wild flowers to grow and bees to pollenate them. The campaign has over 52,000 signatures to date and if you’d like to add your support follow this link.

Lastly, they are also the official charity of House & Garden Festival in June at Olympia London.  As well as a stand, they will be hosting the shop & drop facility in return for donations.  They are seeking London based volunteers to help them out at the shop & drop for either a AM or PM shift alongside staff; in return volunteers gain fee entry to the show (and our thanks!). 

As you know, at Stay Wild we are passionate about every aspect of our planet. Yes, it started with the oceans, but we’re thrilled to be able to partner with charities like Plant Life to help impact change on a multi-faceted level.

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