As advocates for sustainable shopping, we wanted to share with you some of our top tips for shopping second hand, be that at a vintage market or online via apps like Depop, Vinted or Vestiaire.

It is easy to get overwhelmed what with the sheer amount of choice out there, so we have curated a list of tips for you guys when you’re next out on a second hand hunt. 



We always think going in knowing what you are looking for is more successful when second hand shopping - going in with no plan is a bit overwhelming due to the amount of choice. So do yourself a favour and narrow it down, look for just 1 or 2 items in particular


Get specific with searches (following on from tip 1) the more specific terms the better. Colour, size, style, even a brand you are looking for. We recommend going super specific and try a variety of versions of search terms until you find what you’re looking for 



Don’t be afraid to size up, you can always get things altered so they fit perfectly. This gives you more choice when finding pieces. Altering your pieces is a great way to make your second hand find your own as it makes them fit you perfectly and be completely unique to you 


And the most important - find pieces that will last more than just a season. We try to not buy too many items of clothing but when we do, we want to make sure they are things we’ll wear and love for years and years.


Ask yourself will you wear this again and again. Do you really need it? Does it fit with your style, wardrobe and will it be something you treasure?