Zero Waste Path Shampoo Bars

Zero Waste Path is a zero-waste, plastic-free UK based brand that offer natural shampoo bars made with vegan ingredients and are packaged using re-usable and recycled materials. Many shampoo bars are palm-oil free to reduce deforestation and habitat degradation that is responsible for many animals that are on the brink of extinction.

Every day 8 million pieces of plastic gets dumped into the sea threatening our planet and marine environment. Shampoo bars are the latest trend in hair care products and are a great way to have a plastic-free shower routine. Regular shampoo damages the environment by releasing chemicals into the water supply through the drain. Shampoo bars are packed with organic, petroleum free and bio-degradable ingredients instead that are greener and better for your hair and health.

Shampoo bars cut the need for plastic bottles and packaging as most bars are wrapped in recycled paper or boxes, they also allow you to save space in your suitcase without the liquid limit to worry about! To reduce water waste and save money shampoo bars are concentrated to last longer than a bottle of shampoo, meaning they will also cut travel emissions buy saving you extra trips to the shops.