Back To The Roots

Founded in 2009 by Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora as a 100% sustainable urban mushroom farm, Back to the Roots has since transformed into a unique company focused on bringing sustainable grow-at-home products into households across the US.

Back to the Roots wants to make food personal again, which means teaching the value of homegrown, fresh food. With the mushroom kit, anyone across the country can grow their own mushrooms on their kitchen counter and experience what it means to grow their own food. By using an urban waste stream to produce local, fresh food, the Mushroom Garden inspires people to think about where their food is coming from and what they can do with resources already in front of them!

They're on a mission to reconnect every family & kid back to where food comes from by helping them experience the magic of growing it themselves - no green thumb or backyard needed. Each one of their gardening kits is part of their #GrowOneGiveOne campaign – post a photo of what you grew, and they'll donate a gardening kit + curriculum to an elementary school classroom of your choice!

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