This is a tried and tested recommendation from us here at Stay Wild Swim - we are in love with the Evolve Hyaluronic Serum, it’s changed the skincare game! All of their skincare products are made in small batches in Hertfordshire, and come with a handwritten name telling you who exactly made each one - such a lovely touch.

Everything is vegan, pure and eco-friendly and it’s good to know that not only is the natural product better for your skin but also better for our environment too as there are no harsh chemicals or toxic residues.

Why we love them: They choose to use recycled packaging for all their products. Their glass bottles are made from fully recyclable glass and they use recycled card for all of their cartons. When it comes to plastic, they opt for 75% to 100% recycled PET plastic, which (unlike PVC) is fully recyclable and if it is put into landfill, it degrades without leaching any chemicals into the soil. Additionally, every piece of card they use (from packaging to marketing materials) is FSC (Forest Sustainability Certified).



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