Halo Coffee

Introducing Halo Coffee - environmentally-friendly Nespresso compatible coffee pods. 

In 2018 alone 60 billion coffee capsules ended up in landfill and oceans adding to the ever-growing aluminium and plastic waste that our planet already endures. 20% of coffee capsules can be recycled but even then it is considered as an inconvenience. The capsules contain aluminium, plastic and silicon and require specialist facilities to remove each individual component, consequently adding to transport, plant and operational emissions. 

Halo addresses this situation by offering compostable coffee pods made with paper pulp and utilising waste sugar-cane that has the ability degrade in as little as 28 days so that they can find a second lease of life in the garden. Not only are the pods biodegradable, the packaging can also be broken down into organic components, supporting a circular economy. In line with the rest of the packaging, the inks used for the outer-packaging and stickers are non-toxic, vegetable-based and are fully home compostable. This means there is no requirement for transport to waste facilities or energy to power machinery reducing the product's overall carbon footprint.  

Ensuring to not compromise sustainability for taste, the coffee inside the pods has been scored with 80 points on a 100 scale designed by the Speciality Coffee Association of America certifying an artisan barista style high-grade coffee taste and flavour. 

Halo Coffee Pods in compost