Put down the Himalayan, say goodbye to Epsom and hello to Cornish Sea Salt…

Living Sea Therapy have honed the cultivation of salt on the Lizard Peninsula with sister company Cornish Sea Salt to utilise the healing benefits of the crystals in their bath and body range. The coastal waters of Cornwall provide some of the purest and most unique sea salt in the world, rich in minerals due to the local geology - where the earths mantle is exposed under the Atlantic Ocean which has resulted in an equally unique crystal formation. Similar to the healing qualities of the Dead Sea, whose products boast 21 minerals, while Living Sea Therapy have over 60 in their formulas. 

Why we love them:

They were the first brand to implement sustainable sourcing of seaweed in the UK and worked with the royal family to create the law on how seaweed should be sourced in order to be sustainable. 

They went plastic free in 2018 and are always looking for ways to further improve their sustainability.


Living Sea Therapy products