Pott Candles

Small changes make a big impact. Pott Candles want to make it easy for you to enjoy candles in a more sustainable way, whilst also supporting local and independent UK-based artisans.

The Potts are handthrown by potters across the UK. If you’re only going to have one candle Pott you may as well make it a nice one! And what is nicer than a product that has been lovingly handcrafted by a skilled artisan. Because the Potts are handmade, they are all slightly different and have their own little personalities...it is your own unique Pott, handcrafted by us, just for you.

All their candles are lovingly blended and hand-poured, using natural wax with 100% natural essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils. They regularly update their scents to match the seasons and make you happy! The seasons will change and the scents will change, but your Pott is with you for the long haul.

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