Reel Paper

At Reel, they're on a mission to change the paper industry. They've reimagined what paper could be, creating products that are better for the planet and still deliver the premium quality and convenience you expect.

In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Which means rather than cutting down 100 year old trees to make paper, they can use bamboo which grows back in 3-5 years. It also grows back from the same root once harvested, so it causes less damage and erosion to the ecosystem, making sustainable forestry a possibility. While bamboo is different from trees in a lot of ways, they also share some of the best qualities, including sequestering large amounts of carbon and making soft, strong paper goods.

Their sustainable paper goods are packaged and shipped in eco-friendly materials and come wrapped in 100% recyclable paper. They’re committed to packaging that is sustainable, biodegradable, and, yes, plastic-free.

While bamboo is an excellent substitute for regular toilet paper, it introduces some challenges—namely, overseas shipping. That’s why Reel offsets 100% of the carbon emissions produced in overseas transportation through our partners Flexport and the Foundation.

Reel is a certified B-Corp and their partnership with One Tree Planed is helping reforest our planet, one tree at a time.

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