This summer Doug McMaster is moving his zero-waste restaurant, Silo from Brighton to London. His innovative restaurant strives for sustainability in an effort to prove that a sustainable food industry is possible.

Silo deal directly with the farmers, using local ingredients which are shipped in re-usable vessels. Inside the restaurant, they have an on site mill and naturally brew drinks on site. They also use a compost machine inside to turn restaurant scraps directly into compost to help make more food! Even their furnishings are made from materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

This has all been made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign by Crate Brewery who have partnered with Silo to refurbish the Hackney Wicks White building, raising over £500,000. Silo will be situated on the first floor of the building, serving an a delicious sustainable menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Silo Restaurant