We recently met Zanna and Natalie at the Positive Fashion exhibition at London Fashion Week in September 2019. As a business that cares deeply about protecting our planet, we were thoroughly inspired by the work that Stay Wild Swim is doing. The fashion industry is renowned for its damaging effect on our planet, and so for the focus of this year’s London Fashion Week to be on sustainable fashion was a big step towards making positive changes across the whole industry. We ourselves are extremely passionate about manufacturing products in a way that is beneficial to the planet, not harmful, and we provided the official ethically and sustainably made totes for London Fashion Week. 


Bags of Ethics™ is a label that positively recognises the people and the planet behind the product. All totes with the Bags of Ethics™ label are made in our ethical factory in India, where 90% of our employees are female, many of whom are the main breadwinners for their families. We produce a variety of products from reusable packaging to merchandise for the beauty and fashion industry – we use non-toxic REACH compliant inks for the dyes and prints, we are Vegan certified, and have access to Fairtrade and Organic fabric as part of our mission to support the people and planet all the way through our supply chain. Our products can be used 5,000 times, and most are fully biodegradable. We want to educate and inform others to help them think, shop, and live sustainably, without having to make drastic changes to their everyday lives. We feel blessed to call this planet home and work hard to try and preserve the beauty and wonder of the natural world. We encourage others to think about how their consumption may affect the planet in order for them to live sustainably and harmoniously with our environment. 

BAGS OF ETHICS™ tote bag

As a business, we love supporting other brands and businesses that uphold the same values as we do. At Bags of Ethics™ our motto is remembering the PEOPLE and the PLANET behind the PRODUCT. As well as our sustainable manufacturing and business practices, we also support PEOPLE. We believe in remembering and empowering every member of our supply chain and place great emphasis on giving opportunities to women in particular. From our amazing production team in India of which 9/10 employees are women, to our HQ team in London, which is made up of a high percentage of strong and capable young women, we believe that women can and will do amazing things, and we love giving them the opportunity to do so. We love that Stay Wild Swim is founded and run by two young women, who are using their business to also help the environment. 


We have created eco-friendly dust bags for the Stay Wild Swim swimsuits that allow customers to package their swimsuit when travelling. The bags are made from ethically and sustainably sourced natural cotton, and printed using REACH compliant, vegetable based inks that produce no toxic effluents to the waterways. We believe that by working together in collaborations such as these, we can help have a bigger and wider impact on the future of our planet. 


We think that social media is a great tool to help educate and inform others on what is going on in the world around them, and more specifically in the sphere of sustainability. Our Instagram @bagsofethics is a hub of daily sustainability news, tips and tricks, to encourage others to make small changes that will make a big difference to our planet. 

This post was written by Bags Of Ethics.

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