Suri Toothbrush

Every year over 4 billion toothbrushes end up in landfill or in our oceans. That's enough to circle the globe twelve times.

And electric toothbrushes are nothing to smile about either. Decades of needless innovation, outrageously wasteful packaging, and millions more plastic components and batteries that will never be recycled.

Suri have taken the electric toothbrush back to first principles. Creating a design that delivers an exceptional clean for your teeth with a minimal impact on our planet.


Their brush heads are made from plant-based corn starch and our bristles are made from castor oil. They've designed their brush with these innovative materials because it makes them bio-based and reduces their reliance on petroleum-based plastics. Furthermore, they will recycle the heads for free in the UK and US. The body of their brush is made from aluminium which makes it long-lasting and easily recycled.

They've partnered with ClimatePartner to offset 100% of our brushes' emissions, including their manufacture and transportation. And to top it off, they're B corp certified.

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