Tala - Sustainable & decorative light bulbs

Tala was founded in 2015 in Britain and is focused on the idea that good lighting design can help mitigate climate change and that you don't need to compromise a beautiful design for sustainability. Engineered in their East London studio, the bulbs are carefully selected with raw materials and manufacturing techniques with environmental impact in mind. 

Tala’s bulbs are LED which last 15 times longer and use 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. They are created with high quality materials to add longevity so these low-energy bulbs don't need to be frequently replaced and are highly recyclable. By switching to LED lights, you are lowering your energy consumption and your carbon dioxide output aiding the environment.  

In addition to this Tala is committed to supporting eco-friendly reforestation programmes in the UK and around the world. With every purchase Tala funds the planting of trees and is partnered with the Heart of England Forest in the UK, the National Forest Foundation in the USA and WeForest, which operates reforestation projects worldwide.